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Servo Motor Repair Servo Motor Repair Servo Motor Repair
Servo Motor Repair
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Servo Motor Repair
Servo Motor Repair
Servo Motor Repair Warranty
Servo Motor Repair
Servo Motor Repair Warranty

YASAKAWA Servo Motor

Servo Motor Repair

Industrial Automation Repair Inc. services bring forth full repairing services for Yaskawa servo motors. There are many industrial control and automation products of the Yaskawa servo motors. Our inclusive service has always supported the clients and helped them with possible solutions regarding the Yaskawa products. We also provide refurbished products that are even more cost effective. It is better than replacing the servo motor. It is bound to cost you more. Instead, you can opt for the repairing done at Industrial Automation Repair Inc.
We not only repair but also offer the generous warranty that covers the repairing with the efficient specialist in the work. If you have any problem related to the servo motor, you can come to Industrial Automation Repair Inc. relax and have the peace of mind when we have the backing ready for you.
Yaskawa is the world's largest manufacturers of drives, servos, robotics automation systems, and motion control products. Servo motor is one of the best ways to put the structure of speed management in the factory and maintain the proper working condition of the same. With an aim to manufacture good products for the quality control and research and development of their drive products; Yaskawa is continually launching new products for the industrial marketplace.

  1. Free Estimates - No Surprises (Free Shipping for Toronto, Mississauga, Woodbridge, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, Concord, Scarborough customers.)
  2. 24 Hours call center to repair your servo motors.
  3. IAR has a large stock of spare parts for all major Siemens servo Motors, Resolver, Encoders and Connectors.
  4. State of art Testing Facility.
  5. All work is done in house.

Supported YASAKAWA Motor Brand Numbers

  SG04-SA-G30A2   SG04-SA-G30A2C
  SG04-SA-G30AS   SG04-SA-G30ASC
  SG04-SA-G44A2   SG04-SA-G44A2C
  SG04-SA-G44AS   SG04-SA-G44ASC
  SG04-SA-G55A2   SG04-SA-G55A2C
  SG04-SA-G55AS   SG04-SA-G55ASC
  SG04-SB-G05A2   SG04-SB-G05A2C
  SG04-SB-G05AS   SG04-SB-G05ASC
  SG04-SB-G09A2   SG04-SB-G09A2C
  SG04-SB-G09AS   SG04-SB-G09ASC
  SG04-SB-G13A2   SG04-SB-G13A2C
  SG04-SB-G13AS   SG04-SB-G13ASC
  SG04-SB-G20A2   SG04-SB-G20A2C
  SG04-SB-G20AS   SG04-SB-G20ASC
  SG04-SB-G30A2   SG04-SB-G30A2C
  SG04-SB-G30AS   SG04-SB-G30ASC
  SG04-SB-G44A2   SG04-SB-G44A2C
  SG04-SB-G44AS   SG04-SB-G44ASC
  SG04-SB-G55A2   SG04-SB-G55A2C
  SG04-SB-G55AS   SG04-SB-G55ASC
  SG04-SC-G05A2   SG04-SC-G05A2C
  SG04-SC-G05AS   SG04-SC-G05ASC
  SG04-SC-G09A2   SG04-SC-G09A2C
  SG04-SC-G09AS   SG04-SC-G09ASC
  SG04-SC-G13A2   SG04-SC-G13A2C
  SG04-SC-G13AS   SG04-SC-G13ASC
  SG04-SC-G20A2   SG04-SC-G20A2C
  SG04-SC-G20AS   SG04-SC-G20ASC
  SG04-SC-G30A2   SG04-SC-G30A2C
  SG04-SC-G30AS   SG04-SC-G30ASC
  SG04-SC-G44A2   SG04-SC-G44A2C
  SG04-SC-G44AS   SG04-SC-G44ASC
  SG04-SC-G55A2   SG04-SC-G55A2C
  SG04-SC-G55AS   SG04-SC-G55ASC
  SG05-SA-G05A2   SG05-SA-G05A2C
  SG05-SA-G05AS   SG05-SA-G05ASC
  SG05-SA-G09A2   SG05-SA-G09A2C
  SG05-SA-G09AS   SG05-SA-G09ASC
  SG05-SA-G13A2   SG05-SA-G13A2C
  SG05-SA-G13AS   SG05-SA-G13ASC
  SG05-SA-G20A2   SG05-SA-G20A2C
  SG05-SA-G20AS   SG05-SA-G20ASC
  SG05-SA-G30A2   SG05-SA-G30A2C
  SG05-SA-G30AS   SG05-SA-G30ASC
  SG05-SA-G44A2   SG05-SA-G44A2C
  SG05-SA-G44AS   SG05-SA-G44ASC
  SG05-SA-G55A2   SG05-SA-G55A2C
  SG05-SA-G55AS   SG05-SA-G55ASC
  SG05-SA-P01L3   SG05-SA-P01L3C
  SG05-SA-P01LW   SG05-SA-P01LWC
  SG05-SA-P01U3   SG05-SA-P01U3C
  SG05-SA-P01UW   SG05-SA-P01UWC
  SG05-SA-P02L3   SG05-SA-P02L3C
  SG05-SA-P02LW   SG05-SA-P02LWC
  SG05-SA-P02U3   SG05-SA-P02U3C
  SG05-SA-P02UW   SG05-SA-P02UWC
  SG05-SA-P03L3   SG05-SA-P03L3C
  SG05-SA-P03LW   SG05-SA-P03LWC
  SG05-SA-P03U3   SG05-SA-P03U3C
  SG05-SA-P03UW   SG05-SA-P03UWC
  SG05-SA-P04L3   SG05-SA-P04L3C
  SG05-SA-P04LW   SG05-SA-P04LWC
  SG05-SA-P04U3   SG05-SA-P04U3C
  SG05-SA-P04UW   SG05-SA-P04UWC
  SG05-SA-P08L3   SG05-SA-P08L3C
  SG05-SA-P08LW   SG05-SA-P08LWC
  SG05-SA-P08U3   SG05-SA-P08U3C
  SG05-SA-P08UW   SG05-SA-P08UWC
  SG05-SA-P15L3   SG05-SA-P15L3C
  SG05-SA-P15LW   SG05-SA-P15LWC
  SG05-SA-P15U3   SG05-SA-P15U3C
  SG05-SA-P15UW   SG05-SA-P15UWC
  SG05-SB-G05A2   SG05-SB-G05A2C
  SG05-SB-G05AS   SG05-SB-G05ASC
  SG05-SB-G09A2   SG05-SB-G09A2C

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Servo Motors
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Servo Motor Repair
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