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Servo Motor Repair
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Servo Motor Repair Servo Motor Repair Servo Motor Repair
Servo Motor Repair
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Servo Motor Repair
Servo Motor Repair
Servo Motor Repair Warranty
Servo Motor Repair
Servo Motor Repair Warranty

Siemens Motor Repair


Industrial Automation Repair is a leading Servo Motor Repair company in USA and Canada with state of the art servo repair facility. IAR has certified Servo Motor Technicians of all manufacturers to Repair your Servo Motor . IAR coordinates the resources, processes and technology to deliver maintenance and repair with minimal downtime through the global service network.Using the largest repair technologies, you can expect fast and reliable solutions. Our highly skilled service specialists are able to provide support wherever you need it.

Supported Siemens Motor Brand Numbers

  1FT7 084-5AF7   1FT7 084-5AH7
  1FT7 086-5AC7   1FT7 086-5AF7
  1FT7 102-5AB7   1FT7 102-5AC7
  1FT7 102-5AF7   1FT7 105-5AB7
  1FT7 105-5AC7   1FT7 105-5AF7
  1FT7 108-5AB7   1FT7 108-5AC7
  1GF5184-OWE41-6HUS-Z   1GG5114-0GF41-4
  1GH2224-0BJ1-Z   1HU3054-0AF01
  1HU30540AF01-0ZZ9Z   1HU3054-OAF01
  1HU30560AC01   1HU3056-OAF01-0ZZ9
  1HU3058-0AC01   1HU30580AC01Z
  1HU3070-0AF02-Z   1HU3074-OAC01-0ZZ9-Z
  1HU3076-0AC01   1HU3076-0AC1
  1HU3076-0AF01-0ZZ9   1HU3076-0AF01Z
  1HU3076-OAC01-Z   1HU3076-OAC-01-Z
  1HU3076OA-C01Z   1HU3078-0AC01
  1HU30780AF01Z   1HU3078-OAC01-Z
  1HU3078-OAF01-Z   1HU3102-0AD01-Z
  1HU3102-0AH01-Z   1HU3103-0AF01
  1HU3104-0AD01-Z   1HU3104-0AD01-ZN
  1HU3104-0AH01-Z   1HU3104-OAD01ZN
  1HU3106-0AH01-Z   1HU3106-0SH01-0ZZ9
  1HU3108-0AD01-Z   1HU3108-OAD01-Z
  1HU50400A-C01Z   1HU5040-0AF02Z
  1HU5040-0AF02-Z   1HU5044-0AF01-Z
  1HU5044-0AF02-Z   1LA50804BA99Z
  1P6FX2001-3AC50V23465-H2500-L595   1PA6186-4HF00-0EA3
  1PH2186-6WB41   1PH5167-4CF49-Z
  1PH6135-4NG44-Z   1PH6137-4NB49-Z
  1PH6137-4NB49-Z?   1PH6137-4NF49-Z
  1PH6163-4NB46-Z   1PH6163-4NB49-Z
  1PH6163-4NB49-Z?   1PH6206-4CE40Z
  1PH7 101-2NFX2   1PH7 103-2NGX2
  1PH7 105-2NFX2   1PH7 107-2NFX2
  1PH7 131-2NFX2   1PH7 133-2NDX2
  1PH7 133-2NGX2   1PH7 137-2NDX2
  1PH7 137-2NGX2   1PH7 163-2NDX3
  1PH7 163-2NFX3   1PH7 163-2NFX3
  1PH7 167-2NFX3   1PH7 167-2NFX3
  1PH71012HF030B   1PH71032DH030B
  1PH71032HF030B   1PH71052HF030B
  1PH7105-2NF02-0BA0   1PH71072DH030B
  1PH71072HF030B   1PH71072RF020BJ
  1PH7131-2EF03-0BA9   1PH7131-2EF03-OBA9
  1PH71312HF030B   1PH7131-2NF00-0CJ0
  1PH71332DH030B   1PH71332HF030B
  1PH7133-2JF02-02KB3   1PH71352HF030B
  1PH71372DH030B   1PH71372HF030B
  1PH7137-2ND32-OBK3   1PH7137-2NG02-0BJ0
  1PH71632HD030B   1PH71632HF030B
  1PH7163-2RF03-0BB0   1PH7167-2EG03-0BK8
  1PH7167-2EG03-0DJ8   1PH71672HD030B
  1PH71672HF030B   1PH7183-7AF030BAO
  1PL6186-7AF030AA0   1PL6186-7AF030AAO
  2CW6144-8   6FC5548-0AB03
  6FC5548-0AB03   6FC5548-0AB06
  6FC5548-0AB06   6FC5548-0AB08
  6FC5548-0AB08   6FC5548-0AB12
  6FC5548-0AB12   6FC5548-0AB18
  6FC5548-0AB18   6FC5548-0AB18-B5
  6FC5548-0AB18-B5   6FC5548-0AB25
  6FC5548-0AB25   6FC5548-0AB25-B5
  6FC5548-0AB25-B5   6FX2001-5QP12
  6SN2155-0AA20   6SN2155-0AA20
  B23465-H-1024-K201   HU3058-0AC01-Z
  J896   L-606-0014

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Servo Motors
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Servo Motor Repair
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