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Servo Motor Repair
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Servo Motor Repair Servo Motor Repair Servo Motor Repair
Servo Motor Repair
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Servo Motor Repair
Servo Motor Repair
Servo Motor Repair Warranty
Servo Motor Repair
Servo Motor Repair Warranty

Siemens Motor Repair


Industrial Automation Repair is a leading Servo Motor Repair company in USA and Canada with state of the art servo repair facility. IAR has certified Servo Motor Technicians of all manufacturers to Repair your Servo Motor . IAR coordinates the resources, processes and technology to deliver maintenance and repair with minimal downtime through the global service network.Using the largest repair technologies, you can expect fast and reliable solutions. Our highly skilled service specialists are able to provide support wherever you need it.

Supported Siemens Motor Brand Numbers

  1FT5104-0A01-2-Z   1FT51040AC711Z
  1FT51040AC711Z   1FT51040AC711Z
  1FT5104-0AC71-1-Z   1FT5104-0AC-71-1-Z
  1FT5104-0AC-71-1-Z   1FT51040AG711Z
  1FT51040AG711Z   1FT51040AG711Z
  1FT51040AK711Z   1FT51040AK711Z
  1FT51040AK711Z   1FT5104-1AC71-3EA0
  1FT5104-1AC71-3EA0   1FT5104-OAC01-2-Z
  1FT5104-OAC01-2-Z   1FT51081AC711FA0
  1FT51081AC711FA0   1FT5108-1AC71-1FA0
  1FT5132-0AF71-1-Z   1FT6 021-6AK71
  1FT6 024-6AK71   1FT6 031-4AK71
  1FT6 034-1AK71   1FT6 034-4AK71
  1FT6 041-4AF71   1FT6 041-4AK71
  1FT6 044-1AF71   1FT6 044-4AF71
  1FT6 044-4AK71   1FT6 061-1AF71
  1FT6 061-6AC71   1FT6 061-6AF71
  1FT6 061-6AH71   1FT6 061-6AK71
  1FT6 062-1AF71   1FT6 062-1AH71
  1FT6 062-6AC71   1FT6 062-6AF71
  1FT6 062-6AH71   1FT6 062-6AK71
  1FT6 064-1AF71   1FT6 064-1AH71
  1FT6 064-6AC71   1FT6 064-6AF71
  1FT6 064-6AH71   1FT6 064-6AK71
  1FT6 081-8AC71   1FT6 081-8AF71
  1FT6 081-8AH71   1FT6 081-8AK71
  1FT6 082-1AF71   1FT6 082-1AH71
  1FT6 082-8AC71   1FT6 082-8AF71
  1FT6 082-8AH71   1FT6 082-8AK71
  1FT6 084-1AF71   1FT6 084-8AC71
  1FT6 084-8AF71   1FT6 084-8AH71
  1FT6 084-8AK71   1FT6 084-8SF71
  1FT6 084-8SH71   1FT6 084-8SK71
  1FT6 086-1AF71   1FT6 086-8AC71
  1FT6 086-8AF71   1FT6 086-8AH71
  1FT6 086-8SF71   1FT6 086-8SH71
  1FT6 086-8SK71   1FT6 102-1AC71
  1FT6 102-8AB71   1FT6 102-8AC71
  1FT6 102-8AF71   1FT6 102-8AH71
  1FT6 105-1AC71   1FT6 105-8AB71
  1FT6 105-8AC71   1FT6 105-8AF71
  1FT6 105-8SC71   1FT6 105-8SF71
  1FT6 108-8AB71   1FT6 108-8AC71
  1FT6 108-8SC71   1FT6 132-6AB71
  1FT6 132-6AC71   1FT6 132-6AF71
  1FT6 132-6SC71   1FT6 134-6AB71
  1FT6 134-6AC71   1FT6 134-6SC71
  1FT6 136-6AB71   1FT6 136-6AC71
  1FT6024-6AK71-4DA0   1FT6024-6AK71-4DA0
  1FT6031-4AK71-3AA1   1FT6031-4AK71-3AA1
  1FT6031-4AK71-4EH2   1FT6034-4AK71-3EH1
  1FT6034-4AK71-4AA0   1FT6044-1AF71-3EH1
  1FT6044-4AF71-4AA6   1FT6061-1AF71-3AG1
  1FT6062-1AH71-4AG1   1FT6062-6AF71-4AA2
  1FT6064-6AC71-3ED1   1FT6064-6AF71-4AB6
  1FT6064-6AK72-4AD1   1FT6086-1AF71-3EG1
  1FT6086-1AF71-3EH1   1FT6086-8AF71-1AA-1
  1FT6086-8AF71-1AAO   1FT6086-8AF71-1EB2
  1FT6086-8AF71-3AG0   1FT6086-8AF71-3AG1-Z
  1FT6086-8AH71-1TA1-Z   1FT6086-8WH71-4EG1
  1FT6102-1AC71-4EG1   1FT6102-8AF71-4EG0
  1FT6105-1AC71-1EH1   1FT6105-1AC71-3EH1
  1FT6105-8AC71-1EA0   1FT6105-8AF71-3EH0
  1FT61088AC713A   1FT61088AC713E
  1FT6108-8AC713EH1   1FT61088AC713T
  1FT7 034-5AK70-1DG0   1FT7 042-5AF7
  1FT7 042-5AK7   1FT7 044-5AF7
  1FT7 044-5AK7   1FT7 046-5AF7
  1FT7 046-5AF70   1FT7 046-5AF71
  1FT7 046-5AH7   1FT7 062-5AF7
  1FT7 062-5AK7   1FT7 064-5AF7
  1FT7 064-5AK7   1FT7 066-5AF7
  1FT7 066-5AH7   1FT7 068-5AF7
  1FT7 082-5AC7   1FT7 082-5AF7
  1FT7 082-5AH7   1FT7 084-5AC7

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Servo Motors
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Servo Motor Repair
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