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Servo Motor Repair Servo Motor Repair Servo Motor Repair
Servo Motor Repair
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Servo Motor Repair
Servo Motor Repair
Servo Motor Repair Warranty
Servo Motor Repair
Servo Motor Repair Warranty

FANUC Servo Motor

Servo Motor Repair

Each Fanuc servo motor that is restored at our facility goes through a far-reaching evaluation. We find the cause your Fanuc servo motor is deteriorating and confirm we can fix your motor - and bring it back to the state it was brand new from the factory. During the assessment we look for any dynamic or inert parts that do not meet Fanuc specifications.
Industrial Automation maintains a good operational relationship with the Fanuc factory and has original technological data sheets so we can get hold of predetermined specifications needed in the repair of your Fanuc servo motor. Without this information, a motor can only be mended to "running" form. Using this data we make sure your servo motor will carry out to its factory specifications in your machine.
Our objective is to give you a servo motor that is not only patched up, but has been refurbished back to as like original condition. Our Fanuc servo motor repair procedure follows these steps:


Industrial Automation inspects all electrical and mechanical parts on all Fanuc servo motors, examining bearing and housing fits, worn output shafts and putrefied and broken flanges.


We repair every problem found during our assessment, fitting any part that does not meet the factory specifications.
We do…

  • Re-magnetize rotor magnets.
  • Re-manufacture a new-fangled Fanuc servo motor front flange using the old projection and factory proportions.
  • Repair all the windings. Both AC and DC servomotors windings are sponged down, baked and tested.
  • Repair or reinstate brush holders and insulation tubes on DC motors.


Right through the assembly procedure each Fanuc servo motor repair will be tested several times. Some of our tests consist of:

  • Test to verify there are no stranded electrical parts in the servo motor.
  • Every single AC stator is surge tested to at least 1500 volts.
  • After that, DC servo motor armatures undergo a bar to bar test. This test will explain if there are a few shorts or opens in the winding.
  • Servo motor configuration.


Our Fanuc servo motor repair and congregation processes often perk up a motor's internal components, utilizing high-grade bearings, double lip seals, gaskets and connectors. The concluding step in the Fanuc servo motor repair process is to run your motor on a Fanuc drive just similar to the one in your engine. We authenticate the servo motor repair process were done fittingly, and allows us to run your Fanuc servo motor at full voltages and full currents of the motors potential.

  1. Free Estimates - No Surprises (Free Shipping for Toronto, Mississauga, Woodbridge, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, Concord, Scarborough customers.)
  2. 24 Hours call center to repair your servo motors.
  3. IAR has a large stock of spare parts for all major Siemens servo Motors, Resolver, Encoders and Connectors.
  4. State of art Testing Facility.
  5. All work is done in house.

Supported FANUC Motor Brand Numbers

  A06B-0757-B431   A06B-0757-B490
  A06B-0757-B491   A06B-0758-B101
  A06B-0758-B104   A06B-0758-B130
  A06B-0758-B131   A06B-0758-B190
  A06B-0758-B191   A06B-0758-B194
  A06B-0758-B200   A06B-0758-B201
  A06B-0758-B230   A06B-0758-B231
  A06B-0758-B290   A06B-0758-B291
  A06B-0758-B300   A06B-0758-B301
  A06B-0758-B304   A06B-0758-B305
  A06B-0758-B330   A06B-0758-B331
  A06B-0758-B390   A06B-0758-B391
  A06B-0758-B394   A06B-0758-B395
  A06B-0758-B400   A06B-0758-B401
  A06B-0758-B430   A06B-0758-B431
  A06B-0758-B490   A06B-0758-B491
  A06B-0759-B100   A06B-0759-B101
  A06B-0759-B104   A06B-0759-B130
  A06B-0759-B131   A06B-0759-B190
  A06B-0759-B191   A06B-0759-B194
  A06B-0759-B200   A06B-0759-B230
  A06B-0759-B231   A06B-0759-B290
  A06B-0759-B291   A06B-0759-B300
  A06B-0759-B301   A06B-0759-B304
  A06B-0759-B305   A06B-0759-B330
  A06B-0759-B331   A06B-0759-B390
  A06B-0759-B391   A06B-0759-B394
  A06B-0759-B395   A06B-0759-B400
  A06B-0759-B401   A06B-0759-B430
  A06B-0759-B431   A06B-0759-B490
  A06B-0759-B491   A06B-0760-B100
  A06B-0760-B101   A06B-0760-B104
  A06B-0760-B130   A06B-0760-B131
  A06B-0760-B190   A06B-0760-B191
  A06B-0760-B194   A06B-0760-B201
  A06B-0760-B230   A06B-0760-B231
  A06B-0760-B290   A06B-0760-B291
  A06B-0760-B300   A06B-0760-B301
  A06B-0760-B304   A06B-0760-B305
  A06B-0760-B390   A06B-0760-B391
  A06B-0760-B394   A06B-0760-B395
  A06B-0760-B400   A06B-0760-B401
  A06B-0760-B430   A06B-0760-B431
  A06B-0760-B490   A06B-0760-B491
  A06B-0761-B100   A06B-0761-B101
  A06B-0761-B130   A06B-0761-B131
  A06B-0761-B190   A06B-0761-B191
  A06B-0761-B200   A06B-0761-B201
  A06B-0761-B230   A06B-0761-B231
  A06B-0761-B290   A06B-0761-B291
  A06B-0761-B300   A06B-0761-B301
  A06B-0761-B330   A06B-0761-B331
  A06B-0761-B390   A06B-0761-B391
  A06B-0761-B400   A06B-0761-B401
  A06B-0761-B430   A06B-0761-B431
  A06B-0761-B490   A06B-0761-B491
  A06B-0764-B100   A06B-0764-B190
  A06B-0764-B200   A06B-0765-B100
  A06B-0765-B190   A06B-0765-B200
  A06B-0765-B201   A06B-0765-B300
  A06B-0766-B300   A06B-0766-B390
  A06B-0766-B400   A06B-0781-B100
  A06B-0781-B101   A06B-0781-B200
  A06B-0781-B900   A06B-0783-B100
  A06B-0783-B200   A06B-0783-B201
  A06B-0783-B300   A06B-0790-B190
  A06B-0790-B300   A06B-0790-B390
  A06B-0791-B190   A06B-0791-B300
  A06B-0791-B390   A06B-0792-B100
  A06B-0792-B190   A06B-0792-B300
  A06B-0792-B390   A06B-0793-B100
  A06B-0793-B190   A06B-0793-B300
  A06B-0793-B390   A06B-0825-B100
  A06B-0825-B101   A06B-0825-B102
  A06B-0825-B103   A06B-0825-B130

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Servo Motors
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Servo Motor Repair
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