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Servo Motor Repair
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Servo Motor Repair Servo Motor Repair Servo Motor Repair
Servo Motor Repair
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Servo Motor Repair
Servo Motor Repair
Servo Motor Repair Warranty
Servo Motor Repair
Servo Motor Repair Warranty

ELECTRO CRAFT Servo Motor Repair

Servo Motor Repair

Industrial Automation is focused on being recognized as the premier repair center for ELECTRO CRAFT Servo Motors and AC/DC Electric Motors. We have assembled a team of skilled technicians who can service the most multifaceted motors being used by today’s makers. Every motor that leaves our facility is completely tested and looks as if it was paid for new.
Here is a succinct summary of our servo motor repair process:

  • Each encoder is checked for arrangement and we make sure we are receiving the correct signals.
  • All motors are run-in so we can supervise sound, poise, and response.
  • All motors are disassembled to verify: bearing fits, housing fits, worn shafts, deteriorated and scratched flanges.
  • All windings are meticulously washed and baked. Once dry, the windings and insulation are surge tested to find out if they will be able to endure the suitable service loads put on them.
  • The encoders are evaluated again to ensure apt signaling.
  • The motor is subsequently quoted.
  • Upon sanction, any dented component is re-manufactured, all bearings or seals are restored, and if needed encoders are repaired and stators are rewound.
  • Every motor is vigorously tested to ensure a successful repair was accomplished.
  • To end with, we generate an overhaul report that details our final assessment, so you have a better perceptive of why the motor failed at the outset.

Typical turnaround on a standard servo motor repair is 7-12 days, and the turnaround for emergency or rush repair is 1-3 days. Call the experts for all-embracing servo motor repair services in your vicinity.

  1. Free Estimates - No Surprises ( Free Shipping for Toronto, Mississauga, Woodbridge, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, Concord, Scarborough customers.)
  2. 24 Hours call center to repair your servo motors.
  3. IAR has a large stock of spare parts for all major Siemens servo Motors, Resolver, Encoders and Connectors.
  4. State of art Testing Facility.
  5. All work is done in house.

Supported ELECTRO CRAFT Motor Brand Numbers